Obama’s Former Administration HUMILIATED After Levin Lays The SMACK DOWN

Mark Levin names names on the Hannity show! Photo credit to Dagger News.Mark Levin names names on the Hannity show! Photo credit to Dagger News.

Mark Levin worked in the administration of President Ronald Reagan, and he is definitely knowledgeable. He is up there with Dershowitz and Sekulow. If anyone knows a scandal when he sees one, it’s Mark Levin.

Recently, Levin went out on a limb and named the names of people in the former Obama-era administration who spied, lied and unmasked!

Levin Goes OFF On The BAD COPS Of The Obama Era!

Mark began by letting go of the myth that McCabe is going to lose his pension. He then commented on Comey and how he perjured himself.

Levin continued naming names!

Mark included Brennan on the crooked Obama era list. He said, “this jerk had his CIA  spying on staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee!” (Video Below.)

Then “the Great One” asked, “Do the people remember Samantha Power, who unmasked?”

Levin went on to mention Eric Holder, who repeatedly lied “about his knowledge of Fast and Furious,” then reminded everyone that Holder was “the only Attorney General in history to be held in contempt!”

Mark included James Clapper, he railed, “for lying to the American people about spying!”

He continued, “Whether it’s unmasking, whether it’s Susan Rice refusing to allow the cyberspace folks to investigate. The Obama administration did more to interfere with our election than the Russians. That’s the story.”


Coincidentally, the host of “Life, Liberty and Levin” drops a truth bomb and suggests that a special counsel needs to be implemented to investigate the Bad Cop team of the Obama era.  h/t Gateway Pundit.

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