After Freestyle-Bashing The NRA, Dana Loesch Destroys Eminem With A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Dana Loesch, Eminem via CPAC 2017, Newsweek and Dagger News Compilation

45-year-old Rapper Eminem used the stage at another awards show to rap about his political views. This time he targeted the NRA and Dana Loesch quickly fired back.

On Sunday, Eminem made an appearance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in California. At one point, the rapper got up with other musicians and freestyled about the NRA right before the song started. See Below

In his freestyle, Eminem claims the NRA loves ” guns more than our children.”

Here are the verses:

“Sometimes I don’t know what this world has come to; It’s blowing up; This whole country is going nuts

And the NRA; Is in our way; They’re responsible for this whole production; They hold the strings, they control the puppet; And they threaten to take away donor bucks

So they know the government won’t do nothing; And one’s budging; Gun owners clutching; Their loaded weapons; They love their guns more than our children.” (continued below)


After hearing the news about what Eminem said, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch fired back! SEE BELOW

Loesch pointed out the fact that Eminem is known to have promoted violence in his very own music and even quoted lyrics to one of his songs.

In a counter strike, Loesch said:

Eminem: Listen to me about gun laws guys.

Also Eminem: Grabbed her by the throat, it’s murder she wrote
You barely heard a word as she choked.
Wasn’t nothing for her to be smoked.
I slammed her on her back ’til her vertebrae broke.
Just then the pigs bust in yelling “Freeze!”

As much as Eminem and other liberal celebrities like to cut down gun violence, you would think they would look in the mirror and see just how dangerous many of their antics are to society.

No member of the NRA has been involved in a mass shooting yet the association gets blamed every time. While actors and musicians, like Eminem, glorify violence in material they spew to the public and make millions of dollars on it. Hypocrisy? You be the judge.

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