PRAYERS NEEDED: Charles Krauthammer’s Condition Just Took A Drastic Turn After Surgery

Image Source: The Blaze

Charles Krauthammer is one of Fox News’ biggest contributors in regards to politics. Additionally, his resume doesn’t stop there. Charles is an “American syndicated columnist, author, political commentator, and former physician whose weekly column is syndicated to more than 400 publications worldwide.”

Furthermore, Krauthammer is an award winning Pulitzer Prize writer. (Watch Video Below)

Krauthammer seemed to go “off air,” and viewers have wondered what happened since his input would often change the landscape of processing all of the political rhetoric.

Charles, like FDR, Franklin D. Roosevelt, is in a wheelchair, although for a different reason. When Charles was young he dove into a swimming pool, and from his C-5 down became permanently paralyzed.

Fairly recently, Bret Baier read a statement from Charles to let us know where he has been.

Now, the mystery is solved on what happened to Charles Krauthammer. (Watch Video Below)

“Things are progressing steadily — slower than I would like, but steadily. Still, I wish I could give you – and myself – a better idea of when this marathon ends. I am sure it is strange for your viewers that a regular panelist should disappear for months without warning and without any real explanation. 

After my surgery, there were serious complications that took several months to stabilize.

My improvement has finally allowed me to concentrate on intensive rehabilitation to recover my strength and stamina. This too is progressing well but as usual is intense and slow. Nonetheless, I am determined to make it back. I’ve got to! I can’t let you guys have all the fun.” (Watch Video Below)

In ending, if you would like to see this conservative commentator back in action, drop a comment a below and send prayers his way.

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