Despite Strong Opposition, Look At The ASTRONOMICAL Amount Obama’s Library Will Cost Taxpayers

Obama Center and Obama via Obama Foundation and Twitter

Plans for Barack Obama’s library are now set and Chicago’s city officials disclosed to the public roughly how much tax payers will have to fork over to make the center possible.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, the actual center, which Obama hopes will show case and revitalize Chicago’s south side, will be funded by private investors. But the roadwork and widening projects will carry a major price tag, and will fall on local and state tax payers. See Below

Obama’s Library/Center Will Cost Illinois Taxpayers $175 MILLION!

The center, according to Chicago Tribune will cost taxpayers an estimated $175 million! This is largely due to five new underpasses that will need to be constructed on top of widening the surrounding streets to make it possible, per the report.

Chicago’s Department of Transportation is quoted as saying:

“These proposed investments are intended to make the (center) and surrounding Jackson Park a world-class destination on par with Chicago’s Museum Campus.”

The center, however, is all still in the works despite over 100 University of Chicago professors and faculty issuing a signed letter, which states that they and a wide range of neighborhood and activist groups are in agreement that “the Obama Center as currently planned will not provide the promised development or economic benefits to the neighborhoods” on the South Side of Chicago.

The letter argues that the amount of space the proposed museum will stands in the way for businesses to be built. Others in the area are concerned about the center overlapping the Midway park, making it unsafe for kids to play.

One activist recently appeared on Laura Ingraham where he calls the constructing of the center a “bait and switch” and taxpayers are being duped into paying for something that is not what was initially presented. In fact, it won’t be a library. Check out the video below.

Laura Ingraham Speaks With Anti-Obama Center Activist

Obama, however, is determined to make the center happen despite overwhelming backlash and recently released a video in January where you can hear him saying that he and Michelle, ” Want to create an economic engine for the South Side of Chicago, a cultural attraction that showcases the South Side to the rest of the world.”

This is coming from the same guy who caused America to fall trillions of dollars in debt and unemployment to soar to record levels.

Do you trust that Obama’s library/center will revitalize Chicago’s South Side? Scroll down below and let us know!