BUSTED: Michael Moore Caught In The Act Openly Colluding With Russians

Michael Moore and Trey Gowdy via Screen Grab and Dagger News Article

Oh this is RICH. Michael Moore, the now famous Anti-Trump collusion narrative mouthpiece was caught ensnared with the feeble Russian trolls. Moore has spent the better part of two years, bashing Trump at every turn.

Because of this, Moore “unwittingly” showed up at the Russian troll rally! He drew a crowd of about 35 people to the “Not My President” rally. h/t The Daily Wire. 

Moore was trolled by the 13 indicted Russian trolls!

In Moore’s effort to bring down President Trump, he unwittingly attended one of the Russian troll’s rallies! As reported by Ben Shapiro,

Moore attended an anti-Trump rally organized by Russian sources. Moore didn’t know that the sources were Russian, but no matter — according to the standards of the Left, this amounts to collusion. Here’s Moore at the event:”

“At today’s Trump Tower protest. He wouldn’t come down. Here’s my Facebook Live coverage:” SEE TWEET BELOW

Trumps Not My President Rally – brought to you by, Russian trolls and Michael Moore! 

When you want something to be true so badly that you will believe anything! Moore fell privy to that awkward moment when your need to be proven correct is greater than facts stating otherwise. Equally important, Moore fell face first into a group of Russian trolls!

Per the article, “How your brain keeps you believing crap that isn’t true“, it appears Moore and the 35 people who attended the “Trump’s NOT My President” rally, encouraged one another. Not to mention they were “tricked by false truths–things we think are true but aren’t.” Simply stated, President Trump IS their President.

However, none said it better than Ben himself! 

“But clearly, we have a massive scandal in the making here: Michael Moore worked with Russian sources to make America’s political scene more chaotic. Just wait until we find out how many of Moore’s Broadway tickets were bought up by the Kremlin.” – Ben Shapiro

In ending, if you think this is hilarious, then drop a comment below! We’d like to know what you think about Moore being trolled by the Russian trolls! It IS hard to stop laughing!