Network Giant Called Into Question After Virtually Slobbering Over Dictator’s Sister

In case you doubted for one second that CNN is all about celebrating the “Trump hate agenda”, they actually are supporting North Korea. That’s right. You saw that right. They are supporting North Korea now!

Kim Jong Un’s sister is at the Olympics trying to soften their image. Her name is Kim Yo Jong and CNN fell right into NOKO’s plan. Interestingly,  she sat near Vice President Pence during the opening ceremonies.

The two did not speak or shake hands. At one point she glanced down at Pence who was sitting closer to the arena. However, VP Pence did not turn to look up at her.

Of course, the press went wild with all kinds of opinions, from Yo wanting to defect, to Trump haters comparing Yo to Ivanka, to slamming President Trump.

Not sure how the leftist media made those leaps of conjecture, but they did. Wait until you see the tweet below that CNN sent out! It is unbelievable!

CNN is helping the oppressive regime and jumping on the NOKO Dictator’s bandwagon.

Make no mistake, this is a woman, Kim Yo Jong who is “responsible for more than a thousand public executions per year. As well as, the country’s well-known gulag and slave labor operations,” reported by  Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire.  How CNN can BE for THAT is beyond us. Below you will find the tweet where CNN actually swoons over this, literally, killer sister.

“Kim Jong Un’s sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics a

CNN really lacks journalistic qualities. It’s an awkward day when Buzzfeed reports reality over CNN’s insane support of Yo.

You would think that it is a necessity in a “news” organization to know history. But these days, maybe not. Here is a history lesson on Rocket man’s sister. First, Buzzfeed of all media came out with an article entitled. “PSA: Kim Jong Un’s Sister Is Not Your New Fave Shade Queen. She’s A Garbage Monster.”

Then they went about the business of reminding CNN WHO exactly the sister Yo of NOKO really is. They made several great points and to see them all click HERE.

* Kim Jong Un is believed to have ordered the assassination of his own half brother, Kim Jong Nam.

* The North Korean regime commits frequent public executions of its own citizens.

* The North Korean regime actually enslaves many of its citizens.

* This regime is one of the world’s most repressive. It strips its citizens of all sorts of rights, including freedom of expression, freedom of information, and the freedom to move in and out of the country.

* Kim Yo Jong’s family literally runs gulags.

* She’s part of a country that is, quite literally, threatening nuclear war against the US.

In ending, Buzzfeed made this simple request to their lefty friends.

“Ok. So please don’t support this woman. Thanks!”

It is difficult to improve upon a message that says it so simply and so well. But for CNN to throw love and adoration on this woman, honestly, shows how sad their hatred toward their own President and Country has become.

Main Photo: Yahoo News