Obama Spotted Out Of Hiding In ‘Hush Hush’ Meeting With Phone Giant

Barack Obama via The Obama Diary

With the release of the FISA memo, the Grassley memo and the impending Inspector General report, Obama is becoming more and more implicated.

Perhaps, Obama was the ring leader of his FBI and DOJ being politicized. At minimum, he must have known. Even The Hill and Sebastian Gorka are asking the following question:

“What did President Obama know? WHEN DID HE KNOW IT?”

Coincidentally, innuendo has been flying about the recent implications to his complicity in the Obama-era scandals. Everyone has been wondering if he has been in hiding or if he was in a witness protection program! Luckily,  his whereabouts have been confirmed! Crazy as it is, where Obama was located, leaves MORE questions than answers!

Obama recently landed in a small Monterey Airport in California without the family. Moreover, Obama was seen entering the Monterey Plaza Hotel.

Interestingly, it is known that Obama is to be speaking at “an exclusive interview at AT&T”. Naturally, this begs the question, Perhaps to cyber smash cell phone records from his corrupt-era Presidency?

Security detail is told to keep his whereabouts ‘hush hush’ and ‘Top Secret’.

Additionally, the reporter said, “Secret Service is living up to it’s name, keeping the details of his trip, ‘Top Secret’” Also, she mentioned Obama was packing his clubs, yet, he is not registered to be golfing anywhere.

In a like manner, one of the security detail said, “I am out of the loop on that. They tell me a place. When and where. And I am there. It’s “hush hush.” 

Watch local KSBW Channel 8 From Monterey, CA

In ending, why do you suppose Obama is in a secret, exclusive ‘leadership’ meeting with AT&T? And why is it “hush-hush” and “top secret”? To read more on Obama’s potential complicity from Mark Levin, click HERE. Drop your comments below. We definitely want to know what you think of this!