(Video) Rep. Zeldin Says ‘Schiff Is Full of Schiff’ on Live TV To Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper and Lee Zeldin via CNN Screen Grabs

Om Monday evening, Republican Representative Lee Zeldin appeared on CNN for a brief interview with Anderson Cooper. The pair touched on subjects related to the FISA memo and Zeldin’s latest attacks on Democrat member of the House Intel Committee Adam Schiff.

In a recent tweet, which is discussed at this link, Zeldin claimed Adam Schiff is a liar and cited proof to back it up.

Zeldin said in a tweet:

“Schiff said memo would endanger national security. It did not. He said it contained sources & methods that couldn’t be released. He was lying. He said it was materially altered. It was not. Time & again he repeatedly feeds media & public TPs that are just not true. Why’s he running point?”

While being questioned by Anderson Cooper, Zeldin replicates the same stance in regards to Adam Schiff, as seen in his recent tweet. Cooper brought up how Schiff accuses the White House of coordinating with Nunes, and asked Zeldin if he would be bothered if it were true. Zeldin doubted remarks made by Schiff, then upped the ante when he replied to Cooper:


Check it out below!

Wow! Talk about hilarious!

Cooper pretended he didn’t notice the words come out of Zeldin’s mouth, that could be heard loud and clear. And Zeldin gave more proof of how “Schiff is full of Schiff” based on recent statements by Schiff like Zeldin pointed out in his tweet.

It was great to see unfold on a network that continually expresses hatred towards Trump and Republicans. Zeldin was not about to let CNN’s crudeness and bias overpower the conversation he had with Cooper.

Nunes hinted that more memos will be released in coming days and the FISA Memo is only the beginning. He claimed in a recemt interview that the State Department is next on his list. You can read more on that HERE.

Schiff and other Democrats have a lot to brace themselves for if they’re already frazzled with Memo #1. It should be interesting to see play out, as more truth is revealed to the public.