Nunes Gets The Last Laugh As He BULLDOZES Straight Through His Critics

Nunes under attack by the left. Image Source: Video Screen capture by Dagger News.Nunes under attack by the left. Image Source: Video Screen capture by Dagger News.

Senator Devin Nunes (CA-R) answers the impactful question of why he is being attacked by his critics and the Democrats in an EXPLOSIVE interview on Fox and Friends. The attacks from his critics on the left continue to roll in, from being called a Russian spy to a leaker. 

Nunes begins by saying his critics, “…advocated for my removal from the committee.”

Correspondingly, the reason why is simple. He said, It’s because we’ve been successful at getting to the bottom of a lot of REAL problems with the institutions in our government. So look, it’s no question they want me gone.” (Video Below)

Then, Nunes gives the very definition of what German propagandist, Joseph Goebbel would apply during Nazi Germany. It is the SAME tactic the hard left is using now. The “Goebbels”.

Nunes continued, But whatever they accuse you of doing, is WHAT THEY’RE DOING!”

Nunes explained that they ATTACK people who are trying to get to the truth. “People like myself, and people like Trey Gowdy. And, it actually helps.”

Nunes admitted that he actually enjoys the criticism, because “when you’re being criticized like this by ALL the major networks, additionally attacked by the left, then we know we’re getting closer to the truth.” 

Furthermore, pointing out, “And, I think the American people are just beginning to learn the TRUTH about the Hillary campaign and the Democratic Party, and their involvement, and how they corrupted our institutions,” Nunes said. (Video Below)

When you have the TRUTH on your side it’s easy to battle your critics. Watch the video below. Start at 1:15 minute mark.

Devin did an excellent job! Click HERE to read when Nunes and Gowdy walked away with the win. The win that empowered the American people to be pirvy to how our FBI and DOJ had become weaponized. Not only in the 2016 Presidential election but also by the Clinton campaign. If you think Devin is quickly becoming an American hero. For taking the proverbial bullets from the left, then drop a comment below! In conclusion, give him a shout out! Click HERE to send him an email to tell him THANKS!