Mike Huckabee SLAMS Media’s Handling of the FBI Scandal

Mike Huckabee, CIA Official Mudd, Rachel Maddie and Anderson Cooper via Screen Grabs and Dagger News Compilation

The bombshell FISA Memo is out and the mainstream media (as a whole) is silent! Instead of discussing the corruption indicated by the memo, media sources are choosing to defend the FBI and DOJ and are making excuses for their spying on the Trump Campaign. They are also trying their best to stay quiet about the fact that it happened in the first place.

Mike Huckabee has been watching it all unfold and is completely flabbergasted by how the media is treating the scenario that he believes is more heinous than Watergate. He took to Twitter on Saturday to vent his disgust with the media and how they are trying to protect and hide any wrongdoing by the intelligence community.

Mike Huckabee Slams The Media, Says Journalism Is DEAD!

“I lived through Pentagon Papers and Watergate, Iran Contra and Whitewater and more but 1st time in my life seeing Press trying to keep lid on govt actions rather than fully expose. They hate @realDonaldTrump THAT much. More than they love truth. Sad. Journalism is dead.”

Huckabee said what many are thinking and could be the reason why Fox News is killing it in the ratings. Fox appears to be the only mainstream news source who is getting to the bottom of the memo, among many other shady incidents involving the Left. While other news sources, such as CNN and MSNBC would rather stay tight-lipped. Yet when they do bring it up, it’s only to try to justify the scandal that involves America’s most powerful government agencies.

And this is all likely the result of what Huckabee pointed out, which is the media hates Donald Trump that much!

In 2016, Trump crushed Hillary Clinton, the Deep State and the giant media arms who were all against him. And it was such a bitter defeat for all of them that they are willing to cover up crimes and defend criminal activity rather than see Trump pull away with another key victory.