With A Powerful Notion, Bill Mitchell Sums Up What Exactly The Memo Implies

Bill Mitchell of Your Voice Radio Show

The release of the memo lived up to all of the hype that was behind it and then some. The FBI and DOJ is now directly tied to a plot to take out Trump. The Memo appears to reveal in the “insurance policy” discussed by FBI offcicials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page in their text messages. You can read more about that HERE.
After reading the memo and soaking it all in, “Your Voice” radio talk show host, Bill Mitchell, summed up what this now all means in terms of the current investigation against President Trump. And it was quite the powerful statement:

Bill Mitchell Calls Out The FBI and DOJ’s Sinister Plot

Many have feared for a long time that the Witch Hunt against Trump was part of a carefully planned conspiracy by the powers that be to take out the President, who wasn’t supposed to win an election that was rigged for Hillary Clinton. And Bill Mitchell put 2 and 2 together after seeing what was inside of Nunes’ memo that was released yesterday.

Mitchell made the following statement in regards to the memo:

“So Mueller was appointed using to investigate a , promoted by the , spending ?”

Wow! Mitchell Nailed It!

The mainstream media pushed the Fake Dossier for months. And it was fueled by  supposed evidence that was part of a publication that was fake. That’s all that you could see talking heads discussing over and over. Russia this and Russia that. And how President Trump conspired to win the election.

And even worse than that, Mueller was eventually signed on as Special Counsel for an investigation that was all sparked by a ploy created by the nation’s most powerful law enforcement agencies! And this all comes at the expense of the tax payer!

Bill Mitchell said exactly what many of Americans are thinking! And many are now thanking the House Intelligence Committee and the President for allowing the truth to finally come out.