James Woods Knocks Down Pelosi & Kennedy With Classic One-Two Power Slam

President Trump’s State of the Union Address was well-received by an overwhelming large proportion of Americans, with some polls showing over 80% positive reaction.

But, of course, the Democrat side of the aisle had to twist the outcome as negative as possible to manipulate their constituency. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was among the many Who attacked the President following his successful speech, and James Woods was not about to let it slide.

Pelosi attacked the President and propped up Joe Kennedy the day after the SOTU Address:

Pelosi said:

@realDonaldTrump may have painfully tried to deceive the American people into thinking he’s not an unstable person, but no one’s falling for it.

Rep. Joe Kennedy, on the other hand, embodied our values as a country and exemplified the optimism that Americans are seeking.

James Woods didn’t let much time go by with our issuing a slam of both Pelosi and Kennedy!

Woods replied:

Joe was drooling and you were chomping your dentures. Trump rolled over both of you like political roadkill.

Although harsh, there is a lot of truth behind what James Woods said. And the following pictures prove it:

Nancy Pelosi at the SOTU via Facebook

Joe Kennedy Drooling At The SOTU via CBS Boston

The Left’s opposition to Trump reached it’s lowest altitudes yet as witnessed by many at the State of the Union Address. Democrats could be seen sitting as Trump touted church, the flag, low unemployment, the incredible economic turn-around and many other positive attributes of his Presidency.

Time will tell how their actions will affect them, as the 2018 election looms.