Ahead of FISA Memo Release POTUS And Comey Fire Off Tweets

POTUS and Comey tweet on the FISA Memo release to the public. Photo credit to Slate and Medium and compilation by Dagger News.POTUS and Comey tweet on the FISA Memo release to the public. Photo credit to Slate and Medium and compilation by Dagger News.

President Trump was up and tweeting this morning! As fellow Americans were alerted on their phones that POTUS tweeted, within minutes, thousands upon thousands of his retweets hit the Twitterverse!

President Trump quoted Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch about the Memo!

“You had Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party try to hide the fact that they gave money to GPS Fusion to create a Dossier which was used by their allies in the Obama Administration to convince a Court misleadingly, by all accounts, to spy on the Trump Team.” Tom Fitton, JW

Prior to the the Fitton quote, POTUS tweeted this.

“The top Leadership and Investigators of the FBI and the Justice Department have politicized the sacred investigative process in favor of Democrats and against Republicans – something which would have been unthinkable just a short time ago. Rank & File are great people!”

James Comey tweeted cryptically ahead of the FISA memo release!

Comey, disgraced former FBI Director, is on the Schiff and Pelosi bandwagon. Comey compliments the idea that the FISA memo should remain under wraps. Meanwhile, who is he calling “weasels” and “liars”?

“All should appreciate the FBI speaking up. I wish more of our leaders would. But take heart: American history shows that, in the long run, weasels and liars never hold the field, so long as good people stand up. Not a lot of schools or streets named for Joe McCarthy.”

Is today the day the now famous FISA memo will be released?

Let us all recall that Christoper Wray, saw the memo last Sunday. The next day, Andrew McCabe was forced out of his position at the FBI. Then as procedures dictate, the memo went to the White House for review, and 5 FBI agents have overviewed it and made edits.

The politically charged FISA memo has been a firestorm for America. Additionally, as American’s we cannot take our eye off the ball regarding the basis of what the Memo means. It means that a falsely created dossier was the basis of a special investigation on a citizen of the United States. Essentially, the governmental right to spy or wiretap a citizen. That sounds dangerously close to a “Police State”. Consequently, can you imagine an America, where you are recorded and years later, you are brought in by the FBI? By the same token,  if you you don’t recall exactly one conversation from years passed, you would be put in jail? THIS is what we are fighting against. THIS is what some of the Democrats are fighting for.

If you would like to see the Memo released, drop a comment below!