Joy Reid Gets Trounced After Bashing Trump’s SOTU Speech

Joy Reid of MSNBC gets totally owned by patriotic Americans in her twitter tirade over President Trump's SOTU speech. Photo credit to screen captures by Dagger News.Joy Reid of MSNBC gets totally owned by patriotic Americans in her twitter tirade over President Trump's SOTU speech. Photo credit to screen captures by Dagger News.

Joy Reid, MSNBC host, was a busy Twitter handler yesterday. Not only did she do a “fact check” on what POTUS was saying during his SOTU speech.

Reid got her fact checking disastrously wrong! Have no fear though, the American people stepped up and became Joy’s fact checker and set her straight.

Reid was letting the leftist propaganda fly off her fingers onto her Twitter account with zero thought as to what she was putting out there in the twitterverse! But American Patriot’s noticed.

The Washington Examiner, has her number though. And they had this to say about Joy’s twitter meltdown! “MSNBC’s Joy Reid so often says things that are misleading, outright false or simply unintelligent.” The Washington Examiner #NailedIT!

This particular tweet captured the eye of many American’s – simply because the idea that Joy mentioned were bygone, are simply not. In fact, Church, family, police, military and the National Anthem are pillars of American culture.

Check out Joy Reid’s tweet that brought Americans together to rally to POTUS’s side!

“Church … family … police … military … the national anthem … Trump trying to call on all the tropes of 1950s-era nationalism. The goal of this speech appears to be to force the normalization of Trump on the terms of the bygone era his supporters are nostalgic for.

An American patriot, Patricia Dickson, defended POTUS. And pointed out, in no uncertain terms, the lack of logic in Joy’s tweet. This is what Patricia said. “Since when are things like Church & family “bygone” era? You liberals are some sick ungodly anti-family (husband & wife) individuals.”

Another Patriot stepped in and replied with, “In which thinks that 1950’s post war America that had just defeated Nazism & believe in Church, family, police, military, & our National Anthem is bad. Brokaw called this “The greatest generation.” The generation that also ushered in the Civil Rights movement!” See the tweets below! 

Patriot’s continue the slaying of Joy’s tweet!

And Joseph Steinberg, simply stated, “Do you seriously consider “Church … family … police … military … the national anthem …” to be “terms of a bygone era”? ” Joy almost makes it too easy for American’s to set her straight! There were so many of these retorts that we cannot possibly post them all. So, we will post our favorites! See the tweet below! 

And just in case, Joy is deaf to Americans, The FOO, stepped in and wanted to know WHY Joy is opposed to American values. She tweeted, “Church, family, loving ones country, respecting the law – what’s wrong with these things, Joy? Help me understand WHY you seem to hate the fundamentals of this country so much.” See the tweet below! 

A Mexican born American joins in to set Joy straight!

Finally, we saved the best for last! This one should REALLY wake Joy up from her Trump hate. John said, “We’re not fascist. We’re not bots. We’re not uneducated. We’re not fascists…heck I was born in Mexico. We’re not pawns in your game that you can conveniently label. Our opinions matter. Your disdain for us is exactly why your bias doesn’t allow you to hear the other side.” See the tweet below! 

It’s not clear what caused Joy to make such a tweet. Maybe she thought it made sense at that moment. Who knows. But if she did, then it is frightening to think MSNBC allows her air-time. If you believe that Joy was WAY off base with this tweet, then lay down a God Bless America in comments!