Don Jr. Stops Tapper In His Tracks After Blaming McCabe Ousting On Pres Trump

Jake Tapper & Donald Trump Jr. Courtesy of The Blaze, Rafferty Baker/CBC & Dagger News Compilation

On Monday, 2 BREAKING UPDATES took America by storm. One being Andrew McCabe being forced from his post as FBI Deputy Director and the other being the House Intel Committee voting to release the infamous FISA memo.

After hearing the news of McCabe’s ousting, CNN’s Jake Tapper took to Twitter to twist the removal of McCabe as the works of President Trump. And Don Jr. said, ‘Not so fast!’

In a series of tweets, Tapper claimed the President “openly attacked McCabe” and even “lobbied for his exit.” After reading Tapper’s statements, it’s obvious he was trying to persuade America of something completely opposite of what was likely really behind McCabe’s exit.

Donald Trump Jr. responded with a major Truth Bomb that Tapper couldn’t quite recover from. Take a look:


Jake Tapper and everyone else at CNN doesn’t want to talk about the fact that the FBI read the memo the day before McCabe stepped down. Isn’t it funny they like to hide that piece of the puzzle as much as possible? Good thing Don Jr. was there to clear it up! However, we are now all asking: ‘What is in that memo that is causing such a shakeup?’

With the memo headed for release, America can finally see the abuse that is alleged to have occured on Obama’s watch. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out and why Democrats seem so fearful of the memo’s release. To see Adam Schiff have a meltdown over the memo’s release, CLICK HERE.