Democrat Cherokee Indian Issues A Warning Shot To ‘False’ Indian Warren

Rebecca Nagle and Elizabeth Warren, Credit of Gateway Pundit, Fox Screen Grab and Dagger News Compilation

Real Cherokee Indian, Rebecca Nagle has had enough of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s narrative that she is part Indian. And she is so fed up, she took to the airwaves to issue a demand to Warren regarding her claim.

Nagle, a Democrat, appeared on Jesse Watters’ show on FOX to call out Senator Warren on national television, over Warren’s ongoing ‘false’ assertion that she has Cherokee ancestry. Warren initially made the claim that she is part Indian back to when she was a faculty member for Harvard. And Nagle now asks that Warren retract her claim that she is Cherokee and explained why. Scroll down for the full video.


Rebecca Nagle told Jesse Watters:

“As a mixed Native woman, I get to relive the stereotypes that Warren perpetuates every day. I’m not ‘part-Cherokee’, I am Cherokee. [We’re] not bit fractions of imagined Indians that used to exist. [Warren should] take responsibility for her false claim.”

Here is video of Nagle’s interview with Watters:

Fox via YouTube

Senator Warren is up for re-election in 2018, so the heat is definitely on her, especially since this whole “Indian” narrative continues to haunt her. Warren will most likely face self-proclaimed “real Indian” Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai (I-Mass.), an immigrant from India.

Shiva has had quite the hay day trying to get Warren to take a DNA test to back up her claim, even going as far as to send her a lot on her birthday, which Warren refused.

And Warren continues to get the occasional beat down by President Trump who often refers to her as “Pocahontas.”


Perhaps now is the time for Senator Warren to come clean on the matter. Better now than later, when everyone heads to the polls in November.