Shock Move: Anti-Trump Comedian Openly Sides With President Trump

Bill Maher, President Trump Courtesy of HBO, Screen Grab and Dagger News

Comedian, talk-show host Bill Maher is one of the most outspoken critics of President Trump. His comments directed towards Trump are often times filled with rage and profanity-laced hate.

On Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time,” Bill Maher continued his lashing of President Trump by claiming that the President “loves to pick fights with black people” and compares Melania Trump’s marriage to the Holocaust among several other over-the-top remarks.  Maher, however, also shocked his co-hosts and audience when he expressed to be in agreement with one of President Trump’s major decisions. Scroll down to Watch the video.

Anti-Trump Bill Maher Sides With President Trump

In a surprising move, Maher praised President Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. He also said he is puzzled why Israel doesn’t get to pick its capital. Maher said:

“I hate to agree with Donald Trump, but it doesn’t happen often, but I do. I don’t know why Israel — it has been their capital since 1949.

It is where their government is. They’ve won all the wars thrown against them. I don’t understand why they don’t get to have their capital where they want.”

Here is the Video:

Maher’s statement obviously surprised the co-hosts to his show, as Democrats have criticized President Trump for making the decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. So for Maher to make this statement against the party that he supports speaks volumes.

Perhaps there are other Democrats out there warming up to President Trump now that all of the dust has settled!

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