Hannity & Sara Carter Reveal When The Memo Will Be Released And What All To Expect

Sara Carter and Sean Hannity, YouTube Screen Grab

On Friday Night, FOX News host Sean Hannity broke the news that the explosive FISA Memo will be released sometime next week. And he got confirmation from Sara Carter, who also revealed all that is to come in what is expected to be a “MASSIVE NEWS WEEK” with more revelations.

Hannity had both Sara Carter and Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton on his show to discuss the recently-released text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. That’s when Hannity disclosed when America should expect to see the release of the highly-anticipated FISA memo. Scroll down for the full video:

Hannity And Sara Carter Discuss The Explosive FISA Memo Release:

After Hannity quickly disclosed that the FISA memo would be released, Sara Carter confirmed, “We expect that to be out some time midweek…after the State of the Union.” She also said that after talking to members of the House who have read it that it will be explosive. However, she stressed it’s only a small piece to the puzzle.

Carter revealed she will also be disclosing new BOMBSHELL information about Andrew Weissmann, who is a major confidante and team member of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into President Trump’s 2016 Campaign.

Check out the Conversation Below:


Wow! Isn’t the suspense of the infamous FISA Memo keeping you on the edge of your seat?! It appears America won’t have to wait much longer to see what it all entails, and Democrats as well as former Obama-era officials are likely geting very nervous!

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