When Asked If He Will Be ‘Well-Received’ In Davos, Trump Gives An EPIC Response

President Trump At World Economic Forum In Davos, Switzerland. Courtesy of YouTube Screen Grab By Dagger News

On Thursday, when President Trump walked into the World Economic Forum, reporters and others immediately flocked to him and followed him around the facility in Davos.

They began hounding him with questions and one of the reporters could be heard clearly asking, “Do you think you’re gonna be well-received here.” Trump’s classic response can be seen below.

President Trump Responds When A Reporter Asks if He Will Be Well-Received

When asked if he will be well-received President Trump responds:

“I already am.”

Check it Out in This Video Courtesy of Associated Press:

Since becoming President, Trump has been well-received and very influential among many leaders around the world. And with the barrage of people following him around the facility, it was pretty clear that he is very welcome in Davos. Did the reporter really even have to ask?

We shall see how leaders react to his speech on Friday and if it changes anything in favor of the U.S.

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  1. Barbara Wall | January 27, 2018 at 2:08 AM |

    He did well in Davos…and I’m sure skeptics have altered their pov in his favor

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