Fan Gets Ironic Justice After Stalking ‘Bridge-Building’ Advocate Katy Perry

Katy Perry has infatuated fan deported. Photo credit to OceanView, TMZ , Dagger News Compilation.Katy Perry has infatuated fan deported. Photo credit to OceanView, TMZ , Dagger News Compilation.

Katy Perry has a super fan! He is 37 years old, and hails from Poland. And Perry is having him deported! The enamored super fan’s name is Pawel Jurski.

Looks like he stalked a girl and he liked it! h/t TMZ

Jurski is here on a tourist Visa. And her stance on illegal immigration has likely not wavered since he was here legally. Afterall, she is all about building a “bridge through conversation”.

Recall she is also the one who hi-jacked her own concert to push gun control. Do you suppose she has armed security? Click HERE to read more about that concert.

Last month in Miami, the fan was arrested. Per TMZ, “Jurski allegedly tried to bum-rush the stage through a security area at Perry’s concert at American Airlines Arena in Miami. But was stopped by security and held until cops showed up to arrest him. According to the police report.

And the Daily Mail reported, “Cops determined he’d been to at least six of Katy’s shows over 20 days – in Toronto, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Chicago and Michigan – and tried to contact her at each one. He then followed her to a steakhouse in Chicago. “When asked what he meant by surprising her, he stated with a smile, “Whatever it takes to be with her,” ‘ the report added.”

Katy Perry’s hypocrisy is showing! Why have him deported when she can just talk to him?

Instead of having him deported, why didn’t she just “build a bridge through conversation?” Since that is what she was touting all throughout the Thanksgiving season!

As reported by the headline in The Hollywood Reporter , “Katy Perry Encourages “Building a Bridge” Through Peaceful Conversation This Thanksgiving.” She seems to have changed her tune!

As reported by TMZ, “Jurski was found guilty of felony aggravated stalking, misdemeanor loitering and resisting arrest.” And TMZ was “told he’s now being processed for deportation.” 

Oh the hypocrisy. Do you know who Katy Perry is? If so, what do you think about this? Drop your thoughts below.