Sessions Chastises Baltimore For What Their Sanctuary City Policy Has Led To

AG Jeff Sessions and Kristjen Nielsen in Baltimore. Photo credit to screen capture by Dagger News.AG Jeff Sessions and Kristjen Nielsen in Baltimore. Photo credit to screen capture by Dagger News.

Attorney Jeff Session put the City of Baltimore on BLAST. Why? Because they want to be sanctuary city status. And Baltimore, Prince George and Montgomery counties have tremendous MS-13 activity.

Why would Baltimore want to protect MS-13 members over American citizens? 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said this about the gangs and why he does not believe in protecting them over Americans.

“We know MS-13 in the region here is responsible for a quite a number of the most brutal murders. I don’t know that the city itself has a high MS-13 murder rate … but this region — Northern Virginia, Islip, New York, Houston, Los Angeles — are the centerpieces of the most MS-13 violence.”

I see no justification whatsoever for any city, any jurisdiction, any state, to take the view that someone who enters the country illegally and then commits some other crime should be protected from federal law to be deported. I feel very strongly about that.”

As reported by The Daily Caller, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions called out Baltimore for its sanctuary city policy Tuesday, claiming city leaders are only helping to facilitate criminal activity by dangerous gangs like MS-13.”

“Sessions also cited Baltimore’s skyrocketing murder rate, which passed 2016’s count of 318 before the end of November. The city’s homicides spiked in 2015 during riots protesting the death of Freddie Gray. 2015 saw 344 homicides, a number second only to 1993, when the city had 100,000 more residents than it does today.”

Across our great land, we have cities who prevent police from working with ICE to deport illegal criminals. Sanctuary cities essentially allow these criminals back on the street instead of being deported. Or they go to jail and become a tax burden.

Homeland Security secretary Kristjen Nielsen joined the Attorney General as they spoke to Baltimore and recommended they let go of trying to protect these criminals. Watch the video below. 

Watch video below Sessions and Nielsen in Baltimore.

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