After Lieu Blames The Shutdown On Trump, Superman Comes To The Rescue

Dean Cain as Superman is all about defending the hashtag #SchumerShutdown and does not support Lieu. Feature photo credit to, Twitter, Dagger News Compilation.

Representative Ted Lieu (CA-D), is most famous for being a “Russia Russia Russia” cheerleader for the Democrats. Remember, Lieu is also the California Representative who wore the “Trump/Putin 2016” tee shirt during the election cycle.

Ted Lieu Promotes Fake Russia Narrative – Photo Via Facebook

And yesterday, on day two of the Government Shutdown promulgated by Senator Chuck Schumer (NY-D), Lieu is doing what he does best! Which is promote MORE fake news! Wait until you see what he tweeted and tried to get away with on the Congressional floor! But Superman was there to save the day!

Notice how Democrats are trying to turn the table on the viral #SchumerShutdown! It isn’t working! See tweet and video below.

“We’re in Day 2 of the . How did we get here? Because House and Senate Republicans refuse to do their jobs.”

During the video, it appears, Lieu is math impaired. It is as if he believes ALL Californians and Americans are not aware that there are 48 Republican Senators. And a vote of 60 is required. Is he purposefully not saying the truth?

Lieu then shows himself on the floor blaming the Republicans for the shut down and then says that he wants the CR with everything the Democrats want and nothing that the Republicans want. In other words, the budget for DACA, chain migration and no wall. Then he grandstands and says “watch this request get shut down.” Lieu then made the request.

And this is when Trey Gowdy (SC-R) very calmly thanked the “Russia Russia Russia” King for his time. Then, said the following to call Lieu out for his blatant political falseness! And with amusement in his voice, Trey reminded Lieu of the rules! This is what Trey said to save the day!

“The gentleman’s time of one minute has expired. And the gentleman as you see request, that the chair has PREVIOUSLY advised – that request CANNOT be entertained, absent appropriate clearance.”

But have no fear! Superman is here! With GREAT logic from Dean Cain, AKA SUPERMAN…swooped in for a power packed punch to Lieu in a well timed tweet!

“Incorrect, Congressman. much more accurate.”

Fans of Lieu tried to take swipes back at Cain, but it wasn’t enough to overpower Superman:


The Left doesn’t have a chance with Trey in Congress and  Superman Dean Cain on the Republican side! The left is so used to carrying on with their blatant lies about the responsibility of the shutdown that they are missing that the American people are not buying their partisan line.

If you are tired of Democrats making a three ring circus out of our Congressional hearings then VOTE THEM OUT in 2018. #Republicans2018. Dust off your voter ID cards and get ready to get involved and vote the Republicans in for Congress in 2018!