Gaetz Made Jaws Drop When He Revealed What Will Happen Upon The Memo’s Release

Matt Gaetz Screen Grab, Dagger News Compilation

Rep. Matt Gaetz is one of the few people to have read the secret FISA memo that everyone is talking about. And what’s inside that memo, according to Gaetz, will prove to America just how criminal officials who worked for the Obama Administration really are.

Gaetz was on Tucker last night and shined more light on why he and other lawmakers are pushing for the memo to be released. And if it does, in fact, get made public, he described what Americans will finally learn, and what it means to those involved. Take a look at the video below:


Gaetz said:

“After the memo is released, the activities of the Obama Admin, the Crimes that were committed & the TOTAL SHAM that this Mueller investigation is as its rotten to the core will become evident to America!“

If Gaetz is correct, dark days lie ahead for those who will be brought up in the memo. And Americans are left on the edge of their seats as they wait to see what exactly is implicating that has lawmakers so worked up.

Gaetz has already told FOX News that ‘people will go to jail’ over the memo. And his interview with Tucker is the second time someone has said the Mueller investigation will be rocked by the release of the memo, Sara Carter being the first to say that. You can read more about that HERE.

If the memo ends up proving Mueller’s investigation is a sham, should the cord be pulled on it immediately? Should officials be arrested if it’s proven there was FISA abuse? And finally, should Barack Obama be held accountable for any illegal action that happened on his watch?

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