Four Conservatives Come Out Swinging Amid FISA Memo Fallout

Screen Grabs, Dagger News Compilation

Lou Dobbs interviewed Chris Farrell who is the Judicial Watch Director of Investigations regarding the FISA memo. And what he had to say was clearly a BOMBSHELL to the Mueller Investigation team and the Obama-era FBI. WOW! This is breathtaking! Video Below. 

Chris delivers a political death sentence to the Dems.

Chris stated that, “If the American people knew what was in that memo… particularly corrupt law enforcement officers. And I am thinking in particular Mr. Strzok. Or and others, at the FBI, to include Mr. Comey, heads would roll.”

Matt Gaetz (FL-R) is one of four calling for the Memo to be Released.

Gaetz reported, that “the Intelligence Memo that we have just read is SO alarming. That it MUST  be immediately disclosed to the American people. And the disclosure of this intelligence document MUST be a TOP priority for the Country. IMMEDIATELY. I cannot stress how important that is. Any American that would see this document would feel as though people like Rod Rosenstein and Bruce Ohr need to be fired immediately.” 

Watch the video below:

Rep Jim Jordan (OH-R) calls to Release The Memo! “The American people should be able to read what I did in that briefing room. It’s time to .” Jim Jordan let us know what the process is for the memo to be released.

First, the House Intelligence committee puts it to a vote. Second, the executive branch has time to review it. Then they may give the thumbs up and then the memos will be released to the public. 

Don Bongino wants to know from Adam Schiff why he won’t vote to release the memos! Read his tweet! “Why won’t you vote to ? What are you hiding? You told us all that you’re seeking “the truth” but you’re hiding a memo with the truth in it. I always knew you were a fraud but now everyone else will see it too.

How far will this go? And do YOU want to see the memo? If you do…call your Senators and State Representatives and tell them you want that memo released! Click HERE for easy access to contact your congressmen!

Main Image: Screen Grabs, Dagger News Compilation