Don Jr. Humiliates Adam Schiff Over The New BOMBSHELL Memo

Donald Trump Jr. And Adam Schiff, Courtesy of Gateway Pundit, Screen Grab and Dagger News Compilation

News that a memo exists that allegedly reports several FISA abuse scenarios involving government officials has taken America by storm all day Friday. You can read more about the memo it HERE.

Republicans have embraced the news as a possible end to what they consider an expensive, pointless ‘Witch Hunt’ on President Trump, and the possibility that government officials will finally be held accountable. While Democrats on the other hand, who were once outspoken among the chain of events, have remained quite mum. And Donald Trump Jr. was quick to point it out on Friday afternoon.

Last year, Donald Trump Jr. came under attack by the left, following reports that he met with a Russian attorney during the campaign season, which over time amounted to a big fat nothing burger.

One of the Democrats who spoke out about Don Jr.’s meeting was Adam Schiff, who also recently leaked information to the press during a closed door meeting on the matter and got called out for his illegal act. You can read more on Schiff’s leak HERE.

Trump Jr. got his revenge on Adam Schiff, following the news of the new BOMBSHELL memo and released the following statement with Schiff in his crosshairs. Don Jr. said:

“Hey @AdamSchiff you were very vocal after and almost certainly leaked info during my private testimony. All of a sudden you are rather quiet about this memo. I thought you were all about transparency?” 

He went on with 2 other zingers:

Don Jr. just gave Adam Schiff and Democrats a good old-fashioned lesson of “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.” And Schiff is now likely regretting all of his actions and eating major crow as America waits to see what this memo entails.

What do you think about Don Jr.’s viral humiliation of Schiff? Do you think it’s now time to pull the plug on the investigation of Trump’s campaign? Comment your thoughts below and please SHARE the news!

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  1. Maria Ruggaber | January 19, 2018 at 7:54 PM |

    Good for Trump Jr. Its about time all these big mouth trouble makers that are more crooked then anyone on the Trump team is or would ever be I cant wait to they all go down!! And all the big mouth reporters with all their fake news What will they have to say about it when the real truth comes out !!

  2. Schiff is a douchebag

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