Mike Huckabee Roasts Sanjay Gupta On His Trump Medical Diagnosis

Mike Huckabee puts CNN's live medical diagnosis by Sanjay Gupta in perspective with one well timed tweet! Feature photo credit to The View, Screen Grab, Dagger News.Mike Huckabee puts CNN's live medical diagnosis by Sanjay Gupta in perspective with one well timed tweet! Feature photo credit to The View, Screen Grab, Dagger News.

Wow. CNN just tries to do anything to create fake news! CNN is creating medical diagnosis on air, now! Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN says President Trump has heart disease! Where does CNN find these hacks who have zero issue putting their reputations on the line?

This is hilarious as CNN scrolls the headline across the bottom, “President Trump has heart disease.” And then, Gupta, tells why he is diagnosing the President on live TV.

Keep in mind, Gupta has never met the President. And he is trying to discredit the Physician who has seen and met the President, Rear Admiral, Dr. Ronny Jackson. Also, Dr. Jackson was the former physician to Obama as well! Click HERE to see POTUS’s stats from his real Physician.

Mike Huckabee, who is out of the country totally nails the essence of the Gupta medical diagnosis! This is what Mike said in a tweet! Hold on because THIS is funny!

“In Honduras yesterday and in Mexico today. Thought I’d ask local doctors if they could confirm Sanjay Gupta’s CNN tabloid TV diagnosis of . Finally found one who did. She also reads palms and does foot massage.”

You have to love the Huckabee sense of humor! And Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary, is a chip off the ol’ block! If you’re interested in watching Gupta diagnose POTUS on air instead of an actual physician visit, then watch the video below. Hilarious!

Watch the video below as Gupta provides medical diagnosis:

It is as if CNN doesn’t even try to hide their negative coverage of POTUS anymore! If Mike Huckabee made you laugh, comment below!

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