Hulk Hogan For Senate? Pro Wrestler Opens Up On Prospects Of Running For Office

Should Hulk Hogan run for Florida’s Senate seat? Roger Stone thinks he should. But will he? That’s what TMZ was trying to get to the bottom of in a 2-minute interview with the 12-time heavyweight champion pro wrestler.

Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott already plans to run for the U.S. Senate seat, and there has been growing calls by Roger Stone and others for the Hulkster, aka Terry Bollea, to run in the primaries against Scott. TMZ asked Hogan if he plans to do it. Scroll Down Below for The Full Video


When asked by the interviewer what his reaction is to growing calls for him to run for Florida’s Senate seat, Hulk says:

“Well my reaction is: If I Run, I Will Win.

Hulk was then asked repeatedly if he is interested in running, and his response was that as of right now the answer is “No.” But  admitted at the end of the interview that answer can change in a month.

When asked what party he would run under, Hogan said “Republican.Check out the full interview below:

Hulk Hogan definitely has the popularity and energy necessary for a successful bid in Florida. And his sheer confidence and winning attitude gives him an extra edge, so why not do it?! He could be exactly what Washington needs right now to knock the obstructionists into shape and get things done.

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Main Photo: TMZ, Twitter, WWF, Dagger News Compilation