New BOMBSHELL Shows How Hillary’s Camp & FBI Were In Cahoots Over The Dossier

Sara Carter, is an award winning investigative journalist for Fox News, and was back giving us an update on the nitty gritty of the “dirty” dossier scandal! Wait until you see how she connects the dots with the Sidney Blumenthal interview!

It was recently reported that longtime Hillary Clinton confidante, Sidney Blumenthal, was interviewed by the FBI back in 2016 related to the dossier. We all know by now the dossier was unverified, and was paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Sara Carter reported last week that the dossier was, in part, used as a way to obtain the FISA warrant and could be part of a huge disinformation campaign by the Russians! Click HERE to read more about that! And now on Thursday evening, Carter dropped another major BOMBSHELL and explained how the FBI and Hillary’s campaign were in cahoots with the publishing of the fake dossier!

Sara Carter drops another BOMBSHELL on Fox and Friends. Watch the video below. 

Sara Carter said:

“Christopher Steele, when he met with the FBI, was actually informed by the FBI about George Papadopoulos.

This is very interesting, because it’s like they were sharing information. So here we have Christopher Steele, who’s collecting information, really at the behest of the Hillary Clinton and the DNC, that’s who’s really paying him, through Fusion GPS, and now they’re sharing information with the FBI.

And low and behold, we know now that Sidney Blumenthal was interviewed by the FBI in connection to the dossier.”

What? The Obama-era FBI and State Department were sharing information with Steele?!

This is what Sara had to say about that:

[Although] “it doesn’t seem like something the FBI would do. The FBI and others may have received more reports than just the dossier. So Christopher Steele could have been putting reports together for members of the State Department.

This is…this is incredible because how far does this go?And what disinformation did he [Steele] actually disseminate to other people?” 

Watch the video below.

It’s no secret that Blumenthal and Clinton were very close. The question is: WHY? Could it be that Sidney Blumenthal was in the middle of this dossier and that’s why he was being interviewed in 2016? Did he have a part to play in the unsubstantiated dossier? What do you think is going on here? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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