Gowdy Reveals The Reason Why Mueller Wants To Speak With Bannon

Oh the wiley ways of the “honey badger,” Aka Steve Bannon.

The House Intelligence Committee called Bannon in yesterday for a 12 hour testimony session to find out if Bannon’s words in the book, Fire And Fury were true or not.

During the Bannon Testimony closed door session with the House Intelligence Committee, Trey Gowdy makes remarks afterwards.

Trey explained that the “executive privilege” card was used so often during Bannon’s testimony that very little was discovered, and a subpoena from Muellee would be forthcoming. That information was once again leaked during the closed door session to CNN yesterday!

Trey Gowdy explained that “executive privilege now covers things before you become the Chief executive which is just mind numbing. There’s no legal support for it. But we can’t make a witness answer a question.” And that is why there was a subpoena issued to Bannon from Mueller.

Tucker then asked if anyone on Capitol Hill thinks the Russian collusion thing is even true. And Trey responded, “I have seen no evidence of collusion between the Russians and President Trump. Or, between Russians and the Trump campaign. But it was Steve Bannon who used the word treasonous and it was Steve Bannon who used the word unpatriotic. Those are two pretty serious accusations to level, particularly at the President’s son. So you’re going to be asked about it.”

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Steve backtracks his remarks in the book.

Click HERE for more on the excerpt from the statement Bannon released:

“As I said during my interview with ’60 Minutes’ and many times since, there is no basis to the Russian investigation. It’s a political witch hunt orchestrated by the left… Don Jr., like his father, is a great American and a patriot. And we all know Don Jr. did not knowingly meet with Russian agents. Paul Manafort is an independent actor who clearly put his own interests ahead of the campaign and all involved. Michael Wolff took my remarks about Don Jr. out of context to sell his book. Sadly, this is yet another lefty hatchet job intended to disrespect our President and his supporters.”

Bannon is afraid of a subpoena and is now willing to talk directly to Mueller’s team.

Bannon didn’t want a subpoena. That would include a grand jury. Apparently, he believes his chances are now better talking directly to the Mueller Team behind closed doors. It will be interesting to find out if that closed door session will leak too! Schiff won’t be there, so the likelihood is nil.

Do you think Steve Bannon will ever make a come back after this fiasco from Fire and Fury? Drop a comment below and sound off! Democrats will drag this out until 2018.

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