President Trump Has Been Vindicated In S***hole-Gate

The allegation that President Trump referred to countries, such as Haiti, as ‘s***hole countries’ caught a major snag on Tuesday afternoon.

While testifying under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen gave a different account as to what was widely reported by the media.

According to a Washington Times report:

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified under oath Tuesday that she did not hear President Trump call Haiti, El Salvador and other developing nations “sh—hole” countries in a controversial meeting last week — though she did say he used “tough language.”

Per Washington Times, Nielson is quoted as saying “specific cuss words” were being used by a “variety of members’ and she stated:

“I actually was struck more by the fact that the conversation … had gotten to a place where many people in the room were using inappropriate language in the Oval Office.”

The President has since said whatever words he used were twisted out of context and The White House said Trump “hasn’t said he didn’t use strong language.”

It has been speculated that the controversy was blown out of proportion by liberal media to hide a key indictment that was handed down from the DOJ, related to the Obama-era Uranium One Deal. You can read more on that HERE.

Did the media twist s***hole-gate into more than what it should-be to cover up something that was more newsworthy? We wouldn’t put it past them, since they seem to be so against our President and they have his opposition wrapped around their finger.

Even if the President said the exact words as reported, why hasn’t the media ALWAYS made a big deal about cuss words used in every heated political negotiation in U.S. history? This can’t be a first…

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5 Comments on "President Trump Has Been Vindicated In S***hole-Gate"

  1. The so-called reporters act like such goodie two shoes they so pitiful! I know it would make a big news story, but I do wish Mr. trump could close all the reporters out of important meetings, especially since they twist everything around . I get sooo sick of this Washington CRAP, this has never happened as far back as I can think. What has happened to peoples brains, they seem so WARPED!

  2. I think all the reporters need to take a flying leap out a window. Help our president instead od hindering progress!!

  3. Instead of Democrats and the biased liberal getting their panties on a wad over Trump saying cuss words on his own office, they should be outraged over the rappers degrading filthy language our kids are exposed to daily!

  4. What do you think Bill Clinton called Monica Lewinsky after she turned over her sperm stain dress. I’m sure in the Oval Office he did not call her a lady.

  5. Yeah an now the propaganda msm, press,n networks reporter’s calling president Trump’s WH. doctor a liar making up his fiscal exam as a lie? Q:will he be limited to 1 scoop of ice cream now. Seriously is this reporting by adults it’s insane what their showing as (FAKE) journalists to the population… are poor kids an grandkids have to witnesse this craziness n lies on a daily basis. It just sickening

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