Dan Bongino Makes Dems Question Their Self-Worth With A Blistering Reality Bomb

Dan Bongino via Wikipedia & Dagger News Enhancement

Former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino has had it with Democrats and unleashed some tough words on them as the State of the Union draws near.

There have been reports that Democrats plan to wear black in protest to the State of the Union, but Bongino had some different advice for them. He thinks they should just “stay home.” Take a look below:

Dan Bongino Encourages Democrats To Stay Home For The State of the Union

Dan Bongino, in a viral tweet said:

Dear Democrats,
You should ALL stay home for the State of the Union. You’ve done nothing but make the state of our Union worse by fostering racial division, economic destruction, healthcare uncertainty, & educational collapse. Go ahead you clowns, sit this one out, we’ve got this

My, oh my…it doesn’t get anymore straight forward and brutal than that. You’re only allowed 280 characters on Twitter, and Bongino summed it all up in just under that!

Afterall, Democrats have done nothing over the past year except obstruct everything on President Trump’s agenda thus far, including the sweeping tax cuts that will benefit 95% of Americans.

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Main Photo: Dan Bongino Wikipedia