Alveda King Stands Up For President Trump Amid Racism Allegations

Main Image: Wikimedia/CNBC/Dagger News Compilation

It is not a secret that Alveda King, niece to Martin Luther King, voted for the America First President, Donald J Trump. She was with POTUS when he signed the MLK proclamation on Friday. This was the same day, the reporter from CNN attacked the POTUS and asked if he was racist. Click HERE to see the video.

But have no fear! This will make you cheer! During the interview with Fox, Alveda commented these beautiful words! See video below. 

“Of course, Uncle ML, Martin Luther King Junior, was considered to be an agitator, an outsider sometimes, and it reminds me…of our leader, President Donald John Trump!”

Alveda then quoted the Bible verse Acts 17:26. She said that when she was younger her father and MLK were her mentors. And MLK would often say, “Of one blood, God made ALL people.”  

The FOX interviewer asked Ms. King what she thought about the reporter who yelled out, “Are you a racist?!” And Alveda’s response was logical and fact filled. She said:

 “I mean my goodness, is anybody really paying any attention to the good that is being done in this country?…he (President Trump) admires Martin Luther King!”

Then Alveda King went on to list ALL the diverse groups President Trump is working with including Millennials! Finally, she commented, “And just to yell out…are you a racist? I couldn’t believe it! It was UNBELIEVABLE!” 

Watch the video below.

President Trump’s weekly address on Martin Luther King, Jr Day! Watch video below.

President Trump said during his weekly address:

“Dr. King’s dream is our dream. It is the American Dream. It’s the promise stitched into the fabric of our Nation, etched into the hearts of our people, and written into the soul of humankind.”

Although the hard left would like for America to think that President Trump is a racist, it seems he has the support of the minority communities. If you are glad to see Alveda come out and defend our POTUS, then sound off below!

Main Image: Wikimedia/CNBC/Dagger News Compilation