Sara Carter & Co. Reveal Exactly How Dossier Ricocheted Back In Dems’ Faces

Expect ALOT of news next week! The Sean Hannity show had a power team of knowledge on the subject of the corruption from the Obama-era DOJ and FBI. Sean was joined by Sara Carter, Alan Dershowitz and Tom Fitton! And what a fact filled time it was by these four D.C. FACT brokers! Video below.

Sara Carter opens the segment and hits hard with a half dozen points learned from Feinstein’s leak of the GPS Fusion closed door testimony.

Sara Carter of Circa News has sources. And so far she has been right on point every time she makes an appearance on the Hannity show! She is a true Journalist!

She proclaimed that “leaking [the] Glenn Simpson testimony actually backfired on the Democrats!” She then outlined a half dozen main components of what has been learned from the leaked testimony.

First, we now know the dossier was “in part used or it was a significant part for the FBI to get the FISA warrant.” Second, was that, supposedly, there was a “source inside the Trump campaign”. And it turned out it was just George Papadopoulos drunk in a pub in London! Third, Glenn Simpson would not answer any question as to whether he was pushing the dossier to the media.”

Fourth, it was discovered that “he did not verify the information” in the dossier! Fifth, we know now the “DNC and Hillary Clinton paid for the dossier”, and “could have been part of a HUGE disinformation campaign by the Russians.” WOW! There is the Russian collusion! Video below.

Next up was Alan Dershowitz and he is clearly concerned about a constitutional crisis.

Alan Dershowitz, who is a well respected constitutional scholar said “if the FISA court was LIED to by someone in the government, in order to get the warrant.” Then as Dershowtiz said, “it would be a 4th amendment violation if it were known to be false.” And Dershowitz said “this should be looked into.” Then he pleaded “let the truth come out.” Video below. 

Last, Tom Fitton said there would be a tsunami of information coming out on ALL of these scandals! WOW! What a dirty laundry list!

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, listed ALL of the information that we can expect! Fitton said we can expect the “Clinton emails that she tried to hide or delete” and the information from the “Weiner laptop- classified information and pay to play!” Fitton went on to say “which I guarantee you this is going to be coming out.”

Fitton also mentioned the Comey memo that he handed off to his friend to give to the New York Times. This is the the memo as Fitton said, was the “genesis of the Mueller operation.” That’s ALOT to expect!

Fitton said “it’s all building” and “while we are waiting” expect to hear about all of the intelligence surveillance abuses” which took place in order to spy on an American citizensVideo below.

Watch the Video Below:

This power team has not been wrong yet. So we should expect a slew of information in the coming weeks.

The American people have been waiting along time for this. And allowing it to play out is the best practice. Afterall, patience is a virtue. The concern and truly sad part is in discovering exactly how corrupt our DOJ and FBI had become under the Obama-era Administration.

If you are looking forward to learning more about this then sound off below in comments!

Feature Image: FOX Screen Grab, Reuters, YouTube Screen Grabs, Dagger News Compilation