Gaetz Pulls The Trick Out Of Feinstein’s Sleeve & Puts It On Full Blast

Photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News compilation. Gaetz and Feinstein square off after Feinstein releases closed door testimony in a short-lived tricky political move.Photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News compilation. Gaetz and Feinstein square off after Feinstein releases closed door testimony in a short-lived tricky political move.

Rep. Matthew Gaetz took no prisoners in this interview. In fact, he stated he thinks ALL Americans should be privy to these Congressional sessions so American’s can see what is really going on. Yesterday, closed door documents were released and CNN and WaPo ran with more fake news for the Democrat agenda!

Here’s a quick review. Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) released the documents against protocol which Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is in uproar over! These are transcripts of the closed door Senate Judiciary Committee testimony which Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS gave! Repeat, “closed door”. Why would Feinstein release them?

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) who has seen the documents that Fienstein released answers the hard hitting questions that were laid out by Fox & Friends first this morning.

Feinstein wanted to let people know that there was a source inside the Trump campaign and thereby giving the dossier legitimacy. Which was NOT true.

Gaetz fires back to the Democrat talking point with truth instead of a “shiny object” to throw the American people off. He is basically letting us know that the Democrats were politically motivated to give credence to the fake dossier and thereby having a reason to use it as a real tool to obtain a FISA warrant on then-candidate Trump. Wait until you hear what he says about the REAL reason for the dossier! This is what Gaetz says: Video Below. 

“Some of Glenn Simpson’s testimony [is] that on some level there was a reliance by the FBI on this dossier. And that’s just OUTRAGEOUS. Considering the fact that this is an opposition research campaign document that was dressed up like an intelligence document. And then potentially, used as a basis to spy on Americans.”

Feinstein wanted Americans to think the FBI had some kind of a source inside the Trump campaign as pushed by CNN and Washington Post yesterday. Gaetz takes the old trick Feinstein is using and throws TRUTH on her shade. He lays it out with FACT PATTERNS.

Gaetz says the more likely fact pattern is ” that the Fusion GPS dossier was something used as a basis for that investigation” rather than “one guy getting drunk in a London pub and saying what the whole world knew, which is that Putin did not think very highly of Hillary Clinton.”

Gaetz said:

“To me, the far more likely fact pattern is that you have a FBI that was SO politicized during the Obama administration that they were willing to rely on campaign material (salacious and unverified campaign material) that was partially drafted and curated by Nellie Ohr the wife of a Senior Justice Department official, Bruce Ohr.”

What about the whole unverified death the Democrats are trying to throw shade onto the Republicans for? Watch video below. 

“Well it’s very serious, but it’s yet another unverified statement made by Fusion GPS….It’s another shiny object that is a distraction.”

Both sides are now saying the other side is trying to cover this thing up. Listen to Gaetz’s reply!

Feinstein is sneaky alright. Now she is trying to make it look like the Republicans are trying to cover something up because Grassley was outraged at her for releasing the documents. He was outraged because it makes Congress look shady. If a testimony is confidential it should remain confidential.

Gaetz pushed the importance of transparency, but when a testimony is originally deemed as confidential, and you violate those rules as he claims Feinstein did it has “very serious consequences.”

Gaetz then addresses the death associated with the dossier: (Listen to video below.)

“In the last question about…someone dying as a consequence of information being released. And if that’s true. And we have no reason to believe that it is or isn’t, frankly. It underscores the importance of being able to maintain the commitments that Congress makes…”

Watch the FULL interview below. 

Should we be thanking Feinstein for releasing the closed-door meeting?

First, it is one way to stop leaks if it is in the open. And second, there is more in the Fusion GPS testimony pointing to corruption in the Obama-era FBI and DOJ than otherwise. And third, she made the Democrats look bad in releasing something that was meant to be confidential.

How long do you think it will take until this whole story is unraveled? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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  1. Barbara Wall | January 10, 2018 at 11:21 PM |

    she should be reprimanded and barred from the rest of the interviews…period! Wiki leaks…fake news…whistleblowers…liars…it’s all come to the point of RIDICULOUS!

  2. Her agenda is quite questionable. Seems to me she wants enough smoke to protect her Clinton friends and maybe even O’Bummer. Cheaters never win! Liars always get caught. Haters will suffer the consequences of their hate. So, MAGA!!!

  3. It better be over soon, it’s our money they stepped blowing!!!

  4. Oops are blowing, Dang auto correct!!

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