Suspicious Death Linked To Fake Dossier Casts Shade On All Parties Involved In Its Publication

Fusion GPS is the company who is responsible for publishing the infamous Fake Russian Dossier. As we reported in an earlier post, which can be found HERE, it was found that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC both funded the project through direct channels.

Over the years, there have been several suspicious deaths of associates to the Clintons or the Democratic Party in general, with the latest being Seth Rich, Steve Mostyn and Dr. Dean Lorich. Interesting enough, there appears to be yet another mysterious death that is linked directly to the DNC and Hillary Campaign-funded Fake Dossier by Fusion GPS.

According to Washington Examiner:

An attorney for Glenn R. Simpson, co-founder of the research firm Fusion GPS, said during the closed hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee in August 2017: “[Simpson] wants to be very careful to protect his sources. Somebody’s already been killed as a result of the publication of this dossier, and no harm should come to anybody related to this honest work.”

An attorney representing Fusion GPS said in a closed Senate hearing last year that “somebody’s already been killed” as a result of the so-called Trump dossier.

Despite the attorney not revealing who exactly was killed, reports suggest it was Oleg Erovinkin that may be who he was referring to.

Oleg Erovinkin Per Wikipedia

According to the Examiner, Erovinkin was a former KGB general and aide to Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin who is referenced all over the dossier. In December 2016, Erovinkin was found dead in his vehicle under mysterious circumstances with no cause of death ever confirmed.


Against the will of Chuck Grassley, Diane Feinstein released the testimony publicly Tuesday afternoon, as can be seen below:

This new tidbit of information, without a doubt, shows a new compelling dark side of the dossier that no one involved hoped would get out.

How and why did this man die? Was it a result of the dossier, as Glenn Simpson’s attorney suggests? We may never know. But the more we find out about the dossier, it’s definitely disturbing to see who and what was involved in the background of it all.

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Main Image Source: Wikipedia