Rosenstein Bows To Nunes’ Final Request As Documents Are Set To Be Released

Main Photo: Rod Rosenstein and Devin Nunes. Courtesy of CNN, Washington Examiner, Dagger News Compilation

Last week, the bombshell news was released that Nunes and Gowdy walked away with the win they were looking for. Specifically, it was the information they have been asking the FBI for since last August since the FBI had been stonewalling them.

The dynamic duo has one burning question and it is: was the special counsel partially founded on the debunked dossier? After the news last week, the question became, will the documents be redacted (censored) or un-redacted (un-censored)?

There is no question that the investigation with Hillary Clinton and her email scandal was handled unlike any other investigation. Click HERE to read more about that. And now that the information Nunes and Gowdy have been seeking is going to be released, many Americans feared the information would be heavily redacted. On Sunday, confirmation was made the information will be UN-REDACTED. This is huge!

 Maria Bartiromo opened her show with this blockbuster news! Watch video below.

“This week, the House Intelligence Committee will FINALLY get access to Justice Department’s documents regarding the Russia Investigation. Congressman Devin Nunes, the committee’s chairman, reaching a deal with Deputy Attorney General, Rob Rosenstein to let the panel review documents in UN-REDACTED form.

As lawmakers try to determine whether anybody USED THE UNVERIFIED TRUMP DOSSIER to launch a probe about Russia and wiretap the Trump campaign.” 

Bartiromo also reports that a deal has been struck to turn over all emails between the paramours, Strzok and Page. Bartiromo also reports that the un-redacted information will be turned over “by this Thursday.”

Video below: 

Many questioned last week if the information being provided would be redacted to the point of uselessness. It’s good to know the information will be UN-REDACTED.

If this makes you feel more comfortable with the Mueller investigation, drop your thoughts below!

Main Photo: CNN, Washington Examiner, Dagger News Compilation

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  1. They have had months to get rid of evidence. How do you even know they are giving you everything, they should have been made to comply immediately when asked. It looks like both sides want them to get away with it. Why is what I want to know???

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