In A Wild New Twist, Bannon Unloads On ‘Fire and Fury’ Author

Steve Bannon is angry at the “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff for twisting his words and promoting it all in the name of more book sales.

A Bannon ally told CNN that right after news broke on Bannon quoted calling Don Jr.’s meeting with a Russian attorney ‘treasonous’ in the new book, Bannon planned to release an official statement of his own condemning the author and voicing support for Trump. Excerpts from his statement can be seen below.

According to the source, Bannon planned to release the statement that he and his allies drafted, but decided not to after President Trump began unloading on him, where he nicknamed Bannon ‘Sloppy Steve.’

Here is an excerpt from the statement Bannon was going to release as per CNN’s interview with the ally close to Bannon:

“As I said during my interview with ’60 Minutes’ and many times since, there is no basis to the Russian investigation. It’s a political witch hunt orchestrated by the left… Don Jr., like his father, is a great American and a patriot. And we all know Don Jr. did not knowingly meet with Russian agents. Paul Manafort is an independent actor who clearly put his own interests ahead of the campaign and all involved. Michael Wolff took my remarks about Don Jr. out of context to sell his book. Sadly, this is yet another lefty hatchet job intended to disrespect our President and his supporters.”

It definitely was a mistake on Bannon’ s behalf to discuss anything related to the Russian collusion investigation with a ‘lefty’, hence is why Trump has since called him “Sloppy Steve.” Especially if he wanted to maintain a strong relationship with Trump and his team.

And it’s too bad that the relationship Bannon and Trump shared has taken a turn for the worse, all to make money off a book.

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Main Photo: Dagger News Compilation