Roger Goodell’s Job Is On The Line As NFL Is Struck With The Worst News

The results of the 2017 NFL season are in and things are not looking good for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who showed lack of leadership throughout the entire season.

Despite calls from the President, sponsors, owners and fans to put an end to National Anthem protests, Roger Goodell caved and allowed handfuls of players to disrespect our flag and country for the entire season. It has now finally caught up to the league after recent data shows a sharp decline in TV ratings. And Goodell now has some explaining to do to all parties involved in NFL TV agreements, which accounts for more than half of their revenue.

According to Yahoo News:

NFL ratings dropped almost 10 percent in 2017 from the previous year according to Nielsen data released on Thursday, a further decline in the decreased TV viewership from 2016 that saw an 8 percent drop.

The average number of games watched by viewers throughout the season dropped from 18.8 in 2015 to 16.5 in 2017.

Goodell can try all he wants to point to miscellaneous factors that could have played a role in the fallout, but the elephant in the room is definitely fans’ disgust with anthem protestors and how it was handled. And Goodell will likely be held accountable for not nipping it from the get-go like President Trump tried to hint to him at a Alabama Rally, which can be seen below.


Yahoo reports that the 4 major networks involved with the league (CBS, Fox, NBC and ESPN) each pay a minimum of $1 billion a piece for broadcasting rights. Obviously, the goal is to turn a profit and make more than prior years. But this 10 percent decrease likely has executives fuming, since L.A. times reported that the networks admit they “made a lot less money than they expected.”

Networks are not the only ones affected by poor TV ratings, but sponsors as well. Companies, like Papa John’s, waved a red flag midway through the season that National Anthem protests were hurting business, but Roger Goodell turned a blind eye anyway.

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Owners, players, executives and anyone else involved in the league, who support our flag and country have every right to be disgusted with the lack of leadership by Roger Goodell. He had all the time in the world to fix the problem, and failed miserably. It was a complete political correctness failure!

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  1. I would think it would be down more than 10 %???

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