Conan Swallows The Bitter Pill & Makes Stunning Prediction About Trump’s Presidency

Out of all of the Anti-Trump late night TV hosts, Conan O’Brien probably is the one who has best grip on reality…but that’s not saying much.

Conan, who hosts “The Tonight Show” on TBS, has been known to make political jabs directed towards the President, but nothing like what we see out of Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel. O’Brien’s random posts on social media suggest his disgust with President Trump, with his latest being on New Years Eve when he tweeted, “I can’t wait until 2017 is over. And 2018, 19, and 20.”

But after the failure of the Russian collusion narrative, Conan knows what this all means for Trump moving forward.

The Fake Russian Dossier sparked an investigation into Trump’s campaign. And the more we find out about the background behind the dossier and those involved, the more it proves the whole Russian narrative is one GIANT hoax constructed by Democrats. It appears Conan realizes this, and sees the writing on the wall as this whole thing is beginning to backfire BIGTIME. Afterall, where is the evidence of collusion??


It was likely very hard for him to do, but Conan recently sent out a tweet in regards to all of this, that has Liberals across America outraged, yet concerned at the same time. Conan said:

“It’s starting to look like the Russia investigation will finally bring Trump down. And by bring down, I mean get him reelected.”

Although Conan is obviously not a psychic, his message is a clear signal that Democrats are starting to feel the pain, as their narrative they’ve tried to push down Americans’ throats in hopes of removing Trump is yet another failed sham. Conan knows it, but unlike his out-of-touch celebrity colleagues, he’s finally willing to publicly admit it.

Perhaps it’s time for other celebrities, politicians and pundits to follow suit, but it’s doubtful they’ll be able to swallow their pride. Although it is necessary if America wants to ever unite again.

Do you think it’s time for Special Counsel Mueller’s expensive investigation to be pulled? Comment your thoughts below and please Share!

Feature Image: The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien and Dagger News Compilation

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  1. VERY FAKE NEWS !!!!

  2. Yes it is past time for Mueller to go bye,bye…….The average American can NOT afford him any longer, besides that “we are tired of hearing about how much he is spending DOING NOTHING”………..

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