Barbra Streisand Has Another Senseless Meltdown Over Pres Trump

Feature photo Dagger News compilation. Babs experiences senseless twitter meltdown on Twitter.Feature photo Dagger News compilation. Babs experiences senseless twitter meltdown on Twitter.

At almost 76 years of age, Barbra Streisand is continuing her senseless President Trump hatred. With only 482,000 Twitter followers, Streisand has a net worth of $340 million, which is 700% more dollars than her total Twitter followers! Perhaps she should stick to acting and singing rather than being an arm-chair politician after this latest political meltdown.

Streisand went on a Twitter firestorm rampage against President Trump! And the reason WHY she was upset was not even accurate!  She had her facts wrong! A fellow Twitter user was quick to point out her faux pas! And it is HILARIOUS!

Babs began lashing out at high noon! She is angry at President Trump for not going to the self adulation award ceremony at the Kennedy Center. She also is very upset about tax reform that was just signed into law before the New Year and let the whole world know!  See Below. 

Babs bloviates in a senseless meltdown:

“Great presidents, from Roosevelt to Obama, have always embraced the arts and appreciated artists, but not… guess who. It’s the first time in the history of the Kennedy Center Honors that the president didn’t show up.”

And Ms. Powers shot back with:

“Jimmy Carter did not attend the December 1979 gala performance, President George H.W. Bush did not attend in December 1989 and President Bill Clinton did not attend in 1994. You just keep stepping in it.”

 Babs doesn’t stop there!

Streisand kept going with more of her senseless Trump-hating news-like agenda. It is as if she is simply a mouthpiece for the media who spew 90% negative coverage! She said:

“If you wrote a script about politics today, who would believe it? I guess erratic and disruptive people make good copy, but the abuse of power, the vindictiveness, and the outright lies every day from this Administration are shocking.”

Babbling Babs just makes it worse and actually groups herself in the middle class…WHAT?

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that blue states, athletes, actors, writers, producers, and directors will be punished by this scam of a tax bill, where billionaires get billions, and the middle class gets bupkis (practically nothing) – and an eventual tax increase.”

Streisand is clearly not in tune as to what many of the middle-class are celebrating with tax cuts. She is probably better off keeping out of any political discussion, cause she seems to be DEAD WRONG every time.

Do you wish Barbra Streisand and most other celebrities would just stick to acting, singing or whatever else got them famous in the first place? Sound off below!


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