President Trump Celebrates Another Economic Miracle

Feature photo credit to Dagger News from screen capture. DOW reaches 25 thousand. Great economic growth.Feature photo credit to Dagger News from screen capture. DOW reaches 25 thousand. Great economic growth.

The greatest economic engine the world has ever seen is revving up! Fellow Americans, this is something to celebrate! Check your 401k’s and if you have one, check your stock portfolio!

Coupled with the tax cuts – America can expect to see Lady Liberty smiling as this great land enjoys more wealth. For everyone. President Trump just sent out a message congratulating everyone and tells us what is responsible for the growth! President Trump tweeted:

“Dow just crashes through 25,000. Congrats! Big cuts in unnecessary regulations continuing.”

The Dow is climbing due to consumer confidence and economic tax cuts!

“The Dow reached 24,000 on Nov. 30, just 23 trading days ago. Stocks have climbed since then as investors hoped the Republican-backed tax package would boost company profits this year. The law cuts the U.S. corporate tax rate substantially.

The Dow broke through five 1,000-point milestones in 2017, on its way to a 25 percent gain for the year. The index has nearly quadrupled in value from its low during the global financial crisis and Great Recession in early 2009.” As reported by Fox News. The DOW hit another milestone on December 19th. The DOW hit 5,000 point growth over 2016! The first time that has ever happened! Click HERE to read more.

And the stock market is not the only thing growing. So is the GDP! Since the big crash of 2009, the GDP has now grown to a sizable rate of 3.2% for the third quarter (Q3) of  2017! Click HERE to read more about how the GDP is derived.

Do you think the economic boost is directly the result of President Trump’s agenda? Comment your response below!