Former FBI Assistant Breaks Ranks And Throws Comey & Co. Under The Bus

Chris Swecker & James Comey. Courtesy of Reuters, Tucker Screen Grab, Dagger News Compilation

Chris Swecker was a former FBI Assistant Director under George W. Bush. And guess who the Director of the FBI was at that time? That’s right, Mueller. Mueller said of Swecker in 2006 when Swecker left his position at the FBI to pursue a career in the private sector:

“Chris Swecker has made tremendous contributions to this institution and to the safety and security of the American people. Under his leadership, the FBI has improved oversight of and support for criminal investigations, and brought new levels of sophistication to the use of intelligence in criminal investigations.”

It is a glowing recommendation! Mueller seems to have thought very highly of Swecker. And today, Swecker has stepped up to the forefront and is laying down the obvious about the Clinton Investigation.

Swecker broke his silence and stood tall for the FBI which he recalls as being effective and honorable. Swecker said that the way the FBI handled the HRC investigation, “[Is] not the FBI I know.” Swecker was interviewed by Tucker. Tucker’s show is in the number one spot across all networks for his time slot. And he had a blockbuster interview with Swecker! Partial transcription and video below.

Tucker began with:

“Agents had their investigations micromanaged by higher level officials, in contrast, to ordinary practice. You know what that means. Investigators also told The Hill they found evidence the FBI began drafting an exoneration of Hillary Clinton before it even gathered all the relevant evidence or interviewed more than a dozen key witnesses.”

After Tucker made the introduction of Mr. Swecker and they exchanged pleasantries. Tucker dove back into the interview saying, “I don’t think that any American wants to believe that the FBI is not on the level or subject to political manipulation but that’s the conclusion I am reluctantly reaching…what’s your conclusion?”

Swecker started with a heavy dose of patriotic TRUTH:

Chris replied, “Well as an experienced investigator, it doesn’t take a Congressional investigation to tell me that nothing about that investigation was right. Those of us who have conducted Federal Criminal investigations know that you use the Grand Jury. That you use search warrants. You don’t hand out immunities like candy. Everything in that investigation runs contrary to the way a real, credible, thorough FBI investigation is conducted.” Watch the video below. 

Tucker with Chris Swecker in blockbuster interview.

Makes one wonder if Mueller and Comey are sweating bullets right now. And with a final crushing statement, Swecker said, “this was like driving a car with the brakes on” and it “puzzles myself and all of my former colleagues…” regarding the way the Clinton investigation was handled by the FBI under Comey. When Tucker asked Chris why the investigation was not handled properly, Chris replied with, “the only thing I can come up with is that Director Comey placed the investigation in the hands of his inner circle. And they had their own agenda, obviously.”

If hearing a former FBI Assistant Director give his perspective that the Clinton investigation was mishandled, is disturbing then drop a comment and let us know what you are thinking.

Featured Image: Reuters, Tucker Screen Grab, Dagger News Compilation