Shapiro RIPS Rosie After She Tells Him To Perform An Act On Her Male Appendage

Rosie O’Donnell has always gone to great lengths for attention, but lately her attempts at doing so is backfiring BIGTIME.

A couple of days ago, Rosie openly committed a crime when trying to bribe Senators Jeff Flake and Susan Collins with $2 million dollars if they voted “No” on the tax plan. You can read more about it HERE. Obviously, her bribe didn’t work and instead she got called out all over social media, including by Conservative Rockstar Ben Shapiro.


Knowing that this is against the law, Shapiro replied back to Rosie’s tweets and cited an article he wrote claiming, “Rosie O’Donnell Violates Federal Law, Offers To Bribe Republican Senators To Vote Against Tax Bill.” Shapiro also called for O’Donnell to be locked up and he also said as a joke:

“If Trump orders Sessions to investigate Rosie, he will be carved into Rushmore by Friday.”

Rosie couldn’t take the jabs and instantly responded with:

“suck my d*** Ben.”

Rosie then blocked Ben Shapiro.

Regardless if Rosie has a male appendage or not, her tweet is clearly textbook sexual harassment, which is against Twitter’s rules. To prove a point, Shapiro reported Rosie’s post to Twitter to see how they would handle it.

Here is Ben Shapiro discussing how Twitter handled the issue:

Though this whole episode is downright hilarious, it also shows how Twitter uses their rules in a lax, hypocritical manner. As Shapiro stated, Twitter is known to block tweets of people who bully or harass but are failing to do so in the case of Rosie.

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