Corker STRIKES The Media With A Deadly Weapon From Trump’s Arsenal

Feature photo credit to Dagger News compilation. Corker strikes back at Fake News ala Trump style.Feature photo credit to Dagger News compilation. Corker strikes back at Fake News ala Trump style.

Well, well, well. It seems that Senator Bob Corker, (TN-R) and his former spats with the President have chilled down. So much so, in fact, that now they are totally cool with one another!

To hear CNN tell it – Corker was most likely a never-Trumper – but if you look at Corker’s voting record, it is easy to see that he tows the Republican line. It appears that leftist media attacked Corker recently. And, now, he has empathy for the position that President Trump has experienced with the “fake news”. Corker said in an interview with Fox News: “I’ve never used the words ‘fake news’ until today.” h/t Washington Examiner. Video Below.

Now that Corker has been attacked on a totally debunked story, Corker said that he has “newfound empathy” for the President. The President and Corker spoke over the phone and Corker said:

“He just mentioned that he’d been dealing with this for over a year, and look, I’m sorry I’ve witnessed it firsthand, it is not good. I know other people have witnessed the same. I have a newfound empathy for what he and others have been dealing with this in this regard.” Watch the video below.

In the video below watch Corker as he STRIKES back with the TRUTH. He tells media he understands how the leftist media can attack with falsifications as he now has first hand knowledge.

The Fake News Story that Corker is discussing was located. Link is below.

The reporters, Josh Keefe and David Sirota of the International Business Times wrote a hit piece on Corker to cast him as a flip-flopper and that the reason he voted for the bill was to gain financially. Of course, CNN, ran with the fake news story. The propaganda arm of the leftist media was in full swing on this one. To read the article and watch CNN commit their hatchet job click HERE.

Basically, they were saying that the only reason he voted YES is because he would get a tax cut. And Corker told them that he had no knowledge of the provision. The real reason they attacked Corker is in their own article and it reads, “Corker’s vote is considered pivotal in the closely divided Senate and he could be in a position to make or break the landmark legislation. He declared his support for the final reconciled version of the bill on Friday.” And THAT’s what made them have meltdown against Corker!

THIS is WHY the left had a meltdown on Corker! See tweet below!

President Trump had recently had a twitter war for a couple of weeks where he called out the “fake news” with TRUTH. See tweet below.

Many retractions and corrections followed this tweet by the fake news, as President Trump steadily called out the fake stories. Good for him! The Mainstream media needs to be held to a higher standard. The POTUS even jokingly asked the American people to consider who the biggest fake news perpetrator is. To see the winner of the “fake news” trophy click HERE.

If you would like to see the news with accurate information and less opinion then drop a note below and let us know if you think “fake news” is a real thing!

(Feature photo credit to Dagger News compilation. Corker strikes back at Fake News ala Trump style.)