Michael Moore Sitting on Thin Ice As Felony Crime Surfaces

Feature photo Dagger News screen capture. Michael Moore felony charges surface.Feature photo Dagger News screen capture. Michael Moore felony charges surface.

Michael Moore thinks he’s the President. And as a result, he can face felony charges! What was his crime?

Well, back in December of 2016, Moore tweeted that he would pay the State fines for the Electoral college to throw their vote against the the Republican candidate. That’s BRIBERY folks under the Federal law. 52 USC 10307! (h/t Christine Rousselle)

See the original tweet below:

Michael Moore commits a felony for the whole world to see on Facebook!

Moore commits felony under 52 USC 10307.

Interestingly, it was a political comedian who pointed out the serious transgression, Tim Young. As per Townhall, “Moore’s offer to pay the fine for voting for someone other than Trump is a violation of 52 USC 10307 (c), and is punishable with up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.” Oh Michael Moore, your hatred for the American people by not allowing them to choose the President of the United States caught up to you this time!

(c) False information in registering or voting; penalties

Whoever knowingly or willfully gives false information as to his name, address or period of residence in the voting district for the purpose of establishing his eligibility to register or vote, or conspires with another individual for the purpose of encouraging his false registration to vote or illegal voting, or pays or offers to pay or accepts payment either for registration to vote or for voting shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than five years, or bothProvided, however, That this provision shall be applicable only to general, special, or primary elections held solely or in part for the purpose of selecting or electing any candidate for the office of President, Vice President, presidential elector, Member of the United States Senate, Member of the United States House of Representatives, Delegate from the District of Columbia, Guam, or the Virgin Islands, or Resident Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

This buffoonish filmmaker, is better off not tweeting and posting his felony to Facebook. Who does he think he is? The President? Then again, he most likely thinks that he is above the law. As seems to be the case with many of the democratic law breakers. If you would like to see him go through sweet justice, drop a comment below and let us know!

Feature photo Dagger News screen capture. Michael Moore felony charges surface.

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