UNCOVERED: Jimmy Kimmel Reveals The Shady Reality About Himself To The World

Feature photo by Dagger News screen capture. Jimmy Kimmel.Feature photo by Dagger News screen capture. Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel has been inserting himself into politics for a while now. From getting involved in health care to bashing the President for drinking water.

He has also commented on tax reform and rivers!  Kimmel even refused to hold Harvery Weinstein accountable.

Everything Jimmy Kimmel stands for is against the America First Trump agenda. It begs the question why he thinks Americans want to take his political advice?

Before his late night show, one of his biggest claims to fame was a movie he produced called “Crank Yankers.” Doesn’t sound like someone anyone would take political advice from.

Jimmy let the cat out of the bag though, way back in 2008 (H/T Mark Dice). He told the truth and let the world know he is a big FAKE. From the horses mouth himself, you are not going to believe what Kimmel admitted to David Letterman! Video Below.

First a quick run down. The segment starts with Kimmel being introduced by David Letterman and they shake hands and Paul Shaffer gave him a big welcome with special music and a song! Kimmel has had his show for about 5 years at this point. Then David get’s right into it, he says to Jimmy:

Congratulations..five years on the air. It’s not easy is it. Do a lot of people think it’s easy? Oh you only work an hour a day or so. But it’s not easy, is it? Have you learned anything from being a talk show host?”

Kimmel responded and let the world know he is one big PHONY. This is what Kimmel said:

“Not really. But one thing I will, you know, I was here right before the show started, and I really feel like you, you led me astray by not telling me how much lying I would be doing. For instance, you lie to the guest and tell them you like their movie. You lie, you tell them, you like their television shows. You lie, you act like you like them. And it’s…and I really had no idea that I would become one of the biggest phonies in the world.

Watch the video below of Kimmel admitting he’s a BIG PHONY and a LIAR.

Good to know that Kimmel knows he is a fake. And good to know that NO ONE should take his political talk seriously. Do you want to take your advice from bad comedians? Drop a comment below and let us know.

(Feature photo by Dagger News screen capture. Jimmy Kimmel.)

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  1. Rainer Gehres | March 15, 2018 at 4:35 PM |

    I used to watch the late night shows when they were entertaining. Now they are only political Trump Bashing. I turn on Fox news at that time and get the true stories of the day

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