President Trump Discloses His EXTRAORDINARY Plan To Make America Safe Again

President Trump delivered remarks on the National Security Strategy today. And without divulging too much, he let the American people know what the strategy is all about. And it is a winning formula!

President Trump delivered the National Security speech which intertwines with economic prosperity. All four parts work in synergy to, for lack of better words, Make America Great Again! #MAGA!

The video is below and the highlights are partially listed. Enjoy this incredible speech and get it on the inner workings of how it is all going to meld together to continue growth for everyone! To hear each one of the four pillars in more detail. Listen to the video below.

“With the strategy that I announced today, we are declaring that AMERICA is in the game and AMERICA is DETERMINED to WIN! OUR FOUR PILLARS OF NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY:

President Donald J. Trump | National Security Strategy

Our rivals are tough, tenacious, & committed to the long term & so are we! To succeed, we must INTEGRATE every dimension of our NAT’L STRENGTH & we must COMPETE w/every instrument of our NAT’L POWER.

Highlights from the video:


#1 We must protect the American people. The Homeland. And our great American way of life.

#2 Promote American Prosperity.

#3 Preserve PEACE through STRENGTH

#4 Advance American influence in the world. This begins with building up our wealth and power at home. We will lead again.

Watch the video below! 

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