As The Senate Prepare to Vote On Taxes, Sen. Bob Corker Makes A STUNNING Move

Sen. Bob Corker talking with reporters. Sourece: M. Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO

The idea of tax reform may become a reality as soon as the end of this next week, as the Senate is expected to vote on the final version of Tax and Jobs Act. Almost all Republicans will need to be on board, however, as there is no sign of any Democrats supporting the bill that should reduce taxes and bring major relief to American citizens and businesses across the spectrum.

Bob Corker (R-TN) was the only Republican Senator, who just last month, voted NO to move forward with Tax Reform. You can read more about his no vote HERE. Corker cited his worries that the deficit could be affected if the bill becomes law. However, it’s been suspected that Corker’s intentions were to get under the President’s skin, who he has often feuded with since Trump became elected. All eyes have been on Corker to see if he had any plans to sabotage Tax Reform, and yesterday he brought to light how he planned to vote.

According to FOX NEWS, Corker made the surprise announcement that he plans on endorsing the Tax Reform Bill! He is quoted as saying he believes it’s an opportunity “to make U.S. businesses domestically more productive and internationally more competitive [and] one we should not miss.

Corker said:

“I realize this is a bet on our country’s enterprising spirit and that is a bet I am willing to make.”

Embed from Getty ImagesThis is great news for Republicans because they can only afford to lose 2 party votes for a tie that Mike Pence can break if necessary. Corker, along with John McCain, Jeff Flake and others have flirted before with disrupting bills that are part of the America First Agenda.

The Tax Reform bill that is set to be voted on Tuesday include, much lower tax rates for both individuals and businesses in hopes of boosting our economy even more. Republicans have promised the bill would provide needed tax relief to Americans at all income levels. With Corker now on board, it is all but a done deal. We shall see, however, if he keeps his word.

According to FOX, the White House said Trump “looks forward to fulfilling the promise he made to the American people to give them a tax cut by the end of the year.”

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