Moments Ago, President Trump Gave America The HOPE It’s Been Waiting For

Trump Touts Tax Reform, YouTube Screen Grab

President Trump was getting ready to take off for Camp David, when he was ambushed by reporters waiting to ask him some questions related to tax reform before it’s set to get voted on.

Trump said if the bill passes, “it’ll be great for jobs” and “for the middle class”. He stressed that jobs will come pouring back in to the country which will lead that have been stuck overseas and predicts there will be trillions and trillions of dollars pumped back into our economy.


Trump Touts Tax Reform Before Heading To Camp David

The vote on tax reform is set to take place on Tuesday and it appears Republicans will have the votes to pass it and place it on the President’s desk if all remains the same.

This would be the biggest tax reform in over 30 years and, as the President predicts, will give our economy an even bigger boost after it was reported that GDP hit over 4%.

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