What Nikki Haley Just Revealed Has Iran Wishing Obama Was Still President

(Feature Photo by screen capture, Dagger News. Nikki Haley and Iran.)(Feature Photo by screen capture, Dagger News. Nikki Haley and Iran.)

Nikki Haley, United Nations Ambassador to the United States of America, less than two days ago announced that she would PROVE that there was “irrefutable evidence” that Iran is violating the U.S. agreement. And boy oh boy, did she ever deliver!

The agreement is known as the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or the Iran deal” per the Business Insider. Watch the video below for a quick recap of her announcement that she would offer evidence that Iran is breaking the agreement.

Nikki announces she has evidence Iran is violating U.S. Agreement.

Nikki Haley delivers the evidence in stunning display!

From the Joint base in Anacostia, Bolling, Washington, Nikki Haley delivered her evidence with an Iranian made missile behind her. She was standing in front of the recovered missile! The Houthi rebels have been lobbing them over into Saudi Arabia. She said during the reveal that the missile has “Iran’s fingerprints” all over it. And that “instead of stabilizer fins, it might as well have had ‘made in Iran stickers’ all over it.” Nikki did not mess around and asked the world to stand with the United States because Iran has clearly, “shown a pattern of sowing conflict, extremism in defiance of the United Nations.” Nikki further commented that:

“Iran is a threat to the peace and security of the entire world.”

And further commented on Iran’s position under the Obama administration. Haley delivered straight talk that Iran needs to understand President Trump’s administration is not the same as it was under Obama. Nikki Haley said,

“Iran believes it’s been given a pass. All of these actions need to stop and stop immediately.”

Watch the Video Below of the stunning reveal!

In October, President Trump passed the Iran deal back to Congress for 60 days. Congress punted it back to Trump. In mid-January the President will decide to certify the agreement again or not. To read more click HERE. And Reuters explains what we can expect in mid-January in excellent detail HERE.

Are you proud of the new tough stance this administration takes to Iran’s shenanigans? If you are, leave a note below in comments!

(Feature Photo by screen capture, Dagger News. Nikki Haley and Iran.)